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    The Essential Companion

  for your

   Dry Leaf Vaporizer

VapePress Pro

Vaping. Elevated.

The VapePress produces custom cakes specific to your ground leaf vaporizer of choice. Vape Cakes improve:

  • DURABILITY - Cakes maintain their shape for days

  • CONVENIENCE - Instant load and reload. No more scraping or digging

  • PORTABILITY - Take these Cakes anywhere. No more messy loose leaf

  • HIT CAPACITY - Cakes extend your session time for intermittent use on a single pack or for sharing with friends 

  • HIT QUALITY - Provides denser, tastier hits

  • CLEANLINESS - Keeps your device significantly cleaner vs normal ground leaf packs

Vape 6.jpg
Vape 17.jpg


VapePress Pro

Whether you own a PAX 2 or 3, DaVinci IQ or IQ2, Mighty, Crafty, or Crafty Plus, HR Fury or Fury Edge or the Flowermate V5NANO, the right VapePress Pro can press custom cakes, providing convenience, portability and performance.

Vape Cakes Stay Dense

until Heated

Heat triggers expansion allowing  an uniform flow of vapor.

Vaping 47.jpg
Vaping 20.jpg
"An absolutely essential product for any PAX owner. Cakes produce more quality hits and makes cleaning a breeze. Also, super convenient to transport."
"I AM IN LOVE! Makes vaping practical and easy. No mess. I've used Pax for several years and NEVER had such a great experience until now." 

- Neal -

"Folks at Highbrid Innovations created a great tool. VapePress has saved me so much time on the go. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get the most out of their vape."

- Sergio -

- Triple Z -

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The Critics have Spoken

Vape Critics Voice Their Opinions

Across the globe, people are taking their vaping experience to a whole new level with the VapePress. From Sneaky Pete to The Dab Spot, here is just a sample of what the experts are saying...

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