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    The Essential Companion

  for your

   Dry Leaf Vaporizer

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for PAX 2 & 3

The VapePress produces custom cakes specific to your ground leaf vaporizer of choice. Vape Cakes improve:

  • DURABILITY - Cakes maintain their shape for days

  • CONVENIENCE - Instant load and reload. No more scraping or digging

  • PORTABILITY - Take these Cakes anywhere. No more messy loose leaf

  • HIT CAPACITY - Cakes extend your session time for intermittent use on a single pack or for sharing with friends 

  • HIT QUALITY - Provides denser, tastier hits

  • CLEANLINESS - Keeps your device significantly cleaner vs normal ground leaf packs

Vape Cakes take

vaporizing to a

Higher level

Learn How to Make Cakes


the versatile VapePress

Whether you own a PAX, a DaVinci IQ, a Mighty or Crafty, a Flowermate, a Herbva Viva or Pro,  the right VapePress kit can press custom cakes, providing superior convenience, portability and performance .

Vape Cakes stay dense

until heated

Heat triggers expansion, creating an even flow of vapor and a thorough bake

"I AM IN LOVE! Makes vaping practical and easy. No mess. I've used Pax for several years and NEVER had such a great experience until now." 
"An absolutely essential product for any PAX owner. Cakes produce more quality hits and makes cleaning a breeze. Also, super convenient to transport."

- Sergio -

- Neal -

"Folks at Highbrid Innovations created a great tool. VapePress has saved me so much time on the go. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get the most out of their vape."

- Triple Z -

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Across the globe, people are taking their vaping experience to a whole new level with the VapePress. From Sneaky Pete to Frosted Cakes, here is just a sample of what the experts are saying...



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