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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the VapePress Pro work with my specific vaporizer?
    The VapePress Pro models we currently offer have been thoroughly tested for performance and functionality. If we make a VapePress Pro for your specific model, it's guaranteed to work!
  • Will there be other models of the Vapepress Pro in the future?
    Yes! At Highbrid Innovations, we are constently evaluating new vaporizers models that could be compatible. Please email us with suggestions.
  • How long will a Vape Cake hold its shape?
    Indefinitely, if protected.
  • Can I mix concentrates with a Vape Cake?
    Yes! (Using concentrates you may want to turn up the temp on your vaporizer)
  • Isn't this just a kief press?
    No, The VapePress Pro is machined to shape and create "cakes" for specific vaporizer bowls, and has components designed specifically for pressing flower.
  • What are advantages of using the VapePress Pro?
    Portable vaporizer loads, pre-made instead of loose leaf loading. Longer sessions and flavor for the full session, not just the first few hits. Instant unload and reload for continued use.
  • Does the VapePress Pro keep devices cleaner and in better condition?
    Remember, with this system, you are not using a vaporizer load that has been packed against the inside of the bowl wall and then heated. The "cake" is already formed before you drop it in, not formed by the bowl shape.
  • How do I remove a used Vape Cake?
    We recommend removing the Vape Cake while it's still warm. It will pop out easily with a couple simple taps. No more scraping!
  • Are the "cakes" compatible with pods, cups, or capsules?"
    No, this system is designed to be an alternative to the loose leaf or any type of capsule / pod loading devices.
  • How are Vape Cakes different from pods, cups, or capsules?"
    It is a smarter solution and it work significantly better. Think about it.. when you have finished a cup, pod or capsule, you need to wait for it to cool, decide whether to empty or carry it home full of the used product, (probabally smelling). Once home you must empty, clean and reload for next use. With these cups, pods, or capsules you gain the portability, but at a cost of reduced performance due to the additional heat barrier created by the cup, pod or capsule walls and a reduction of overall material to vaporize. When finished with the "vape cake" just tap and toss the all natural and biodegradable used cake. Nothing to carry home or clean.
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