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  1. Grind or cut up material (approx .3 of a gram). The VapeCake will be small for this Vaporizer. If the Cake is too large it can limit airflow.

  2. Preparing the press to load:

    • Remove Bottom Cap and screw T-Handle downward to facilitate removal of Shaped Pusher from inside of VapePress Tube.

    • Remove the Shaped Pusher from the inside the VapePress Tube.

    • Re-install Bottom Cap and tighten.

    • Back off the T-Handle (counter clockwise) until approximately 1.5 inches of threads are showing (between T Handle and Top Cap). Remove the Top Cap from the VapePress while leaving the threaded rod T-Handle partially screwed into the Top Cap.

  3. Load the ground or broken up material into the dished center of the press. Push the material down into the opening.

  4. Insert the Shaped Pusher into the center of the VapePress tube, on top of the ground material. Install Shaped Pusher, centering hole up and flat side down.

  5. Screw the Top Cap (with T-Handle) back onto VapePress assembly, pushing down if necessary, while screwing the Top Cap clockwise.

  6. Tighten Top Cap.

  7. Press material by screwing the T-Handle clockwise until slight resistance to twisting the T-Handle is felt. The twisting pressure you apply during this step determines the density of the VapeCake. After some practice you can determine what amount of pressure you prefer to use.

  8. Back the T-Handle off slightly (relieving pressure).

  9. Hold the VapePress assembly upside down (T-Handle down) and unscrew/remove the bottom cap.

  10. Screw the T-Handle clockwise, pushing the shaped & pressed material (VapeCake) completely out of base of VapePress tube. Stop screwing the T-Handle when the entire VapeCake is visible but the Shaped Pusher is still inside of the VapePress tube. In this position, it is easiest to push/slide VapeCake free from the Shaped Pusher when removing the VapeCake from the VapePress. It should “snap” free from the Shaped Pusher. The VapeCake is ready for use or to be stored!


Remember, when you have finished using, it is easier/cleaner to remove the VapeCake from the device before it cools. Remove the bowl cap, flip device over, and tap it out. Just be careful, it will be hot!


*The density can be changed to accommodate varying material characteristics (sticky vs. dry) & your overall use preferences. More twisting pressure applied in this step (#7) will create a VapeCake that is more durable.

A higher starting temperature helps heat material more quickly, and then you may reduce temperature if desired.

Try removing lower screen on Mighty/Crafty+. Clean components with Isopropyl Alcohol then rinse with water and dry.

VapePress Pro Instructions

VapePress Pro Instruction Video

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